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The need for a hand driving control for disabled persons was realized in 1954.

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Welcome to Handicaps Inc. Manufacturer and installer of the Superarm Lift System for  Vans, Minivans, RV’s and more. Handicaps also manufactures an variety of other  adaptive mobility driving equipment.

We are the manufacturer of the most unique and diverse lift system. Superarm lifts are the only lift system without a platform or ramp for loading the wheelchair and the wheelchair user.  The Superarm Lift is designed by a wheelchair user to be quicker, more durable, and safer than any other lift.

The Superarm Line is not like other lift systems. Its longevity and ability to transfer protects your budget. The difference is that the lift system is not wedded permanently to the vehicle. (if your vehicle is no longer viable you can transfer the lift to your new vehicle and not have to purchase a new lift system).

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There are models available from Mini Van to Motor Coach RVs and everything in between. We have created custom applications in homes, Rigs, and yachts as well.

Talk with us and see if our product is a match for your needs.



Handicaps has been owned and operated by the same family since 1959. Four generations of innovators, and compassionate professionals are here to assist you and help you gain access to life.       img_20130131_135518

Handicaps specializes not in full conversion vehicles. Our philosophy is to make available the equipment that a person needs to make their mobility vehicle their own. We believe that a person should be able to pick and choose the products that fit their mobility needs. No one should be limited to the cookie-cutter options of pre-packaged conversion vehicles. Everyone is an individual with different needs and different tastes.



   Handicaps is proud to have  more that 50 years experience in producing safeimg_3989

durable solutions for both short and long term mobility challenges. Items such as the left foot accelerator or portable hand control are solutions for long term disabilities, progressive condition or temporary impairment of a limb due to surgery. 


Please  see our contact page and lets talk about you,  your needs or the needs of some you care for.  We would love to help.